When my daughter was small there was one item we never left home without – her blanket. I learned to get pretty crafty with the blanket and ended up finding it useful in a variety of different ways. Any basic, lightweight blanket will work, but the Babysoy blanket is really soft, and I liked the colors. Here are the different ways I used the blanket:

  1. Play Mat – If you are out visiting friends or family you can lay your nice clean Babysoy blanket down on the floor and let your baby have tummy time without fear of them laying on a dirty floor.
  2. Sun Shield – This one works particulary well if baby is in the infant carrier car seat. You just lay the blanket across the top handle and it helps keep the sun out of their sensitive eyes.
  3. Privacy Shield – If you baby is asleep or you are in a crowded place, you can lay the blanket on top of the carrier handles to help diffuse noise and light, and nosy strangers.
  4. Nursing Cover – When you are in public you can use your lightweight blanket as a nursing cover by tucking one corner over your should and draping it across your baby.
  5. Burp Cloth – In a pinch you can fold the blanket into quarters and lay it across your shoulder when you burp your baby. Be prepared to wash it when you get home!
  6. Napkin – If your baby is a drooler, you can clean their face off with one corner of the blanket.
  7. Changing Pad – You would be surprised how many places did not have a changing table in their restaurant! You can lay your blanket down to change a diaper in a pinch.
  8. Lovey – Sometimes just having a familiar object can calm a baby down. Extra points if you rub the blanket on your neck so it smells like you.
  9. Swaddler – Swaddling can be soothing and comforting to newborns. The best way to swaddle is to place the blanket so it looks like a diamond, fold down the top, lay the baby so that their shoulders are in line with the top of the blanket, and wrap the sides of the blanket around the baby. When done correctly, swaddling is very safe and soothing.
  10. Blanket – You guessed it. A blanket can also be used to provide warmth.

Are you convinced you need a Babysoy blanket yet? I would love to know if you use yours for more than the uses I mentioned above.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/parenting-articles/10-ways-to-use-a-babysoy-blanket-4174662.html

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Heather Boger specializes in organic baby products that are safer and healthier for your baby, including Babysoy baby clothing.