I have an adorable, tiny two year old terror. I lovingly refer to her as “the tornado” because if she is awake, then our house looks like one has been through. My husband and I both work long hours and I often struggle to keep up with the housework. One of the biggest obstacles to keeping my house clean are the toys that have overtaken it. There are doll bottles in my bathroom, bracelets in my laundry room, childrens books all over the living room, toys behind chairs, toys on chairs, toys on the floor….you get the picture.

The Terror

So what is the best way to clean up the toys?

  • Keep a toy bin or basket tucked away in the living room for quick pick-ups.
  • Teach your child a clean up song and help them get into the habit of cleaning up before bath time. Lilly likes this one: “Clean up clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up clean up, everybody do your share.” Believe it or not she really does start cleaning up when we sing this.
  • Give toys that always find their way to the living room a ‘home’ there, so they are easier to put away.
  • Make it into a game. If you pretend it’s fun then there is a good chance that your toddler will think it actually is.
  • Drop kick the toys into your child’s room. It’s more therapeutic than you think.
  • Get a large plastic trash bag, fill it up, and drop it off at the curb.

Here is the link to the Clean Up Song, try it! It really works! Good luck corraling those toys. Leave a comment with your favorite way to clean up and help me (& other Moms reading this post. 🙂