Maternity Monday is a new feature on the GBGM Blog that is going to be exploring topics that are related to being a Mother. Each week I’ll ask a question ranging from silly to serious. If you would like to participate you can answer the weekly question in a blog post or comment here. If you choose to answer with a blog post please include the following text: “This post is part of Maternity Mondays on the Green Baby Green Mama Blog.”

This week’s Maternity Monday question is:

What are your best tips for dealing with a two year old?

Here’s mine:

  1. Never underestimate the “Power of Positive Praise”! The next time your child is fighting you about bath time, brushing your teeth, anything – stop, take a breath, and then say “You are such a big girl/boy! You are so good at taking a bath/ brushing your teeth/ X.” It works like a charm!
  2. Try Reverse Psychology – This one is not new, but it works. You want little DD or DS to come inside? Say “Don’t you come inside this house” as you are walking to the door. You’ve never seen a kid sprint so fast!
  3. Use the “Me First” Approach – Mini-me won’t go potty? Announce that “Mommy is going to go potty” and walk to the bathroom. Tot will follow, guaranteed.
  4. Candy – While your version of ‘candy’ is up to you, sometimes a sweet treat is all the motivation they need. This one is particularly helpful for finishing dinner or sitting still. And although technically yogurt is NOT ice cream, my two year old does not know the difference!

What are your tips? I can’t wait to hear how you do it!