Delta Dental has just put out some great info on child dental care in honor of Baby Safety Month.

Babies teeth play an important role in making sure there is space for the permanent teeth to grow into. Sugars like from foods and drinks like fruit juice, milk, and candy can cause tooth decay. It is better to give your child water during the night, but only after your pediatrician says they are old enough!

According to Dr. Jed Jacobson, children should go to the dentist six months after the eruption of the first tooth and no later than the child’s first birthday. According to Dr. Jacobson “The tooth fairy should not be the first dental visit your child has.” *Confession: I just took my daughter for the first time, and she is 2! Whoops!

It’s important to ensure that the first visit to the dentist is a pleasurable one. Avoid such phrases as “It won’t hurt” since that will only make your child feel nervous. Instead, focus on the positives, “Dr. Merhoff is so nice!”

What are your favorite tips for juvenile oral care?