Some signs your child may be ready:

  • They show an interest in wearing underwear
  • They stay dry for several hours at a time
  • They have an interest in staying dry and clean
  • They have the basic ability to dress and undress
  • They can follow simple instructions like “Put the toy in the box.”
  • They are able to verbally tell you when they need to use the restroom

(source: building better families 2007 parent pages handout from pediatrician)

Many parents start potty training gradually before any of these signs are shown. I started potty training my daughter as soon as she showed an interest in the toilet, around 12 months old. She has been slowly but steadily potty training herself ever since. We are not completely there yet, but I’m pretty confident that she will be self potty trained by her second birthday. (She is 21 months now.) The average age to be potty trained is 2 years for girls and 2.5 years for boys.

How did you know your child was ready to potty train?