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Keeping your baby’s closet organized is no small feat. I have certainly struggled with this and I am not proud to say that there have even been outfits that she never even got to wear before they were too small! Does this sound familiar?

The other day as I was struggling to find room to hang her clean clothes I just thought about how ridiculous it was. Here is how I am attempting to control the madness:

  • Go through all clothing and pull out any items that are too small. These are placed into a plastic bin sitting in her closet.
  • Pajamas, Undershirts, and play/stained clothing go into one drawer on her dresser.
  • Organize outfits by hanging them together – use the same hanger if possible.
  • Pull any remaining hangers and place them to one side of the closet.
  • My hangers are placed to the right side of the closet. I will pull clean clothing from the left side of the closet for L to wear.
  • After she wears an outfit and it is washed, it is placed back into her closet on the right side. This ensures that she will rotate through her wardrobe evenly and I will know when something no longer fits.

That’s it! What works for you?

This Works for Me!