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I was immediately enamored when I found a simple how-to for a Butterfly Collage at The Year of Story. She used junk mail, which is very green, but I must have skimmed over that part because I was so excited. The possibilites for this craft are endless. I think it would make great nursery decor or an extremely thoughtful baby gift

Here is the one that I made:

You can’t tell from the picture but the butterflies are raised a tiny bit from the background paper.

How to:

1. Gather your supplies: frame with mat, paper of your choice, paper punch on your choice, double-stick thick adhesive tape. I think trains or farm animals would be super-cute for a baby boy, and hearts would be a cute option for girls.

2. Punch out lots of butterflies ( or trains, animals, hearts, etc. – you get the picture)

3. Arrange them on your background paper the way you want them to appear. I laid mine in rows, but you could put them in any formation.

4. Use a tiny piece of double adhesive tape to adhere them to the paper

5. Voila!

I really love this because the possibilities are endless! Use old valentines day cards and a heart punch, old birthday cards and a cupcake punch, wrapping paper and a tree punch – you get the idea!

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