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L probably won’t wake up before I get out. I’ll just take a three minute shower.

Who am I kidding? I’m talking to myself here.

Have you ever tried to take a three minute shower? Unless you are of the male gender, or have an especially short hair cut and little to no hair maintenance, ahem, elsewhere then a three minute shower is pretty dang tricky.

So what did I do? I Googled. Here’s the findings:

  1. Turn on the water. Undress while the water heats up.
  2. When the water is warm enough, jump in and wet your hair.
  3. When you’ve wet your hair squeeze shampoo into your palm and lather up.
  4. Once you’re done washing, don’t rinse it.
  5. Put liquid body wash into palm and divide into four sections – one for each leg and arm. Leftover goes on torso.
  6. For lathering, spread your hands out and use symmetrical moving patterns on each side of your body.
  7. Rinse
  8. To shave, rub shampoo on designated area during step #3 and then shave during the rinse.

The above takes into account that you either do not use conditioner, or you have found the most amazing 2-in-1 ever made. Please let me know if you have. Until then I’ll have to add steps #9 and #10, condition and rinse.

Why should you try to take a shorter shower? To cut down on water waste mainly, but you can also reduce your water bill significantly. What works for you?