“This is probably going to be the strangest thing that happens to you today.”

I looked up from buckling my daughter into her car seat to see a gray haired man about my Father’s age. Before I could react he was standing less than two feet away.

He pulled a picture out of his wallet of a young girl, around the same age as my own. She was wearing a helmet and her mother was standing in the frame of the picture.

The man said “I have a granddaughter with special needs. She lives in Texas. ” I thought he was going to ask me for money. I can’t remember if I said anything – I was scared.

What he said next was a jumble of “living thousands of miles away” but he ended his short speech with this:

In twenty years, when your kids have moved away and you have grandchildren that you don’t get to see nearly enough, you will wish you were right here at the post office with your baby.”

Tears crept into the corners of his eyes as he turned and whispered “God bless you.”

I got into my car and bawled because I know he’s right. I’m crying right now. The past 18 months have gone by faster than I could have ever imagined. How true that so often I don’t appreciate the precious moments that happen every day. Thank you to the kind stranger who helped me see that.