It seems like my daughter outgrows her clothes every other day. Keeping her closet fully stocked is absolutely a priority, but it leaves me with little budget for my own sad wardrobe. I’ve discovered the key to working with a small non-existent clothing budget is buying quality pieces and taking really good care of them. Of course, it’s also the green the thing to do! Here are my top tips for making your wardrobe last longer:

  1. Skip the washing machine. A washing machine breaks down your clothing faster than anything else. Try to wear an item twice before you wash.
  2. Spot clean if necessary.
  3. Use the gentle cycle or hand wash when an item is truly dirty.
  4. Turn jeans inside out and wash in cold water to keep color fresh.
  5. Patch small holes as soon as you find them.  My favorite method is to use iron-on patches on the inside of the garment.
  6. Invest in wovens. Woven fabrics, such as the fabric that most button-down shirts are made with, are notoriously durable. Wash after wash, year after year, they stay looking great.
  7. Never hang knits.  Knits should always be folded and stored in a drawer. Hanging them will cause them to stretch.
  8. Zip zippers before washing so they don’t snag other items.
  9. Take your clothes to the tailor. Something as simple as a $5 hem will keep your jeans around for much longer.
  10. Designate a pair of driving shoes. Scrubbing your heels around on the floor mat is one of the fastest ways to ruin a good pair of shoes. Keep a pair of old flats tucked under your seat to wear if needed.

How do you make your wardrobe last longer? (Skip over here to look at our selection of organic baby & toddler clothes!)