Dr. Phil recently had a show about the biggest mistakes that parents make. Being a glutton for punishment, I tuned in (partly) to find out just exactly how I was screwing up my child.

About a particularly picky eater, Dr. Phil surprised me by telling the mother that it was just a phase and as long as the child was full, it didn’t matter as much what they were eating. Here I disagree. L doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables 24/7. As I type this she is munching on multi-grain cheddar Pringles. Hardly the stuff food pyramid dreams are made of. But I do try every day to provide her with nutritious options. She might eat a few chips this morning but she’s already had fresh blueberries and multi-grain cereal for breakfast. I think you are setting your child up for failure if you don’t teach them how to eat a healthy diet.

Another guest was distraught by her daughter’s fashion choices. Again, Dr. Phil told her not to worry, it was just a phase. We have not encountered this problem yet, because L is still too young to dress herself. I always thought I would be the mother who let their child pick out their own clothes and wear tutus to the grocery store, but just yesterday I made L change clothes out of her pajamas to go to her grandparent’s house. I guess we will just have to see!

What do you think? Do you stress or let it roll?