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One of the hardest things for me having a late Summer baby was bundling her up that first Winter. Baby buntings and sweaters were so thick that she wouldn’t even fit into her car seat! I would wrestle to get her strapped in, only to see her little face turn bright red because by then she was too hot!

It was rough.

This year I seem to have it figured out a little bit more. The solution for me is layers. Thin layers that can be peeled off as needed work perfectly when you are out and about. If I had a little boy then I would dress him in these layers: short sleeve onesie, long-sleeve kimono one-piece,
reversible hooded jacket,
and shoes. Depending on the weather I would either grab a blanket or a lightweight jacket and hat. How do you keep your little one toasty and warm?

*Happily submitted to Works for Me Wednesday