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Jennifer from Home Grown Mommy offered me these great homeopathic remedy tips for teething aches and pains back when my daughter first started teething. She’s been teething on and off for the past few months and now she is showing the classic signs again. Runny nose, congestion, mild fever, and the urge to chew can all signal the onset of new baby teeth! I’m passing along these tips in hopes that they will give your baby (and you) some relief!

Lobelia works wonders for teething! Make up a syrup using 2 tsp dried lobelia to 1/2 cup glycerin and 1/2 cup water – let it heat a few hours. Once it is cool and the herbs are strained out, rub it on the baby’s gums every hour or so. It’s not exactly a numbing sensation like oragel, but it sort of tingles the gums to make them feel better.

Teething tablets by Hyland’s Homeopathic, available at WalMart and Walgreens, work great. The baby takes two or three and they dissolve under the tongue.

One other thing is clove oil – you could rub it on the gums and that would help, too.

Thank you Jennifer for the tips!