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Works For Me Wednesday - How to get baby to sleep through the night

Ok- I am by FAR an expert on this topic. I admit it.

My daughter at 14 months old still does not sleep through the night. However, this has provided me with 14 LONG months of brainstorming and/or research on this topic. I am convinced that my daughter is an exceptional case. Here are my tips for ensuring that your child sleeps through the night. Please, PLEASE leave anything that has worked for you in the comments section – for my sake! Thanks!

1. Make sure your child is properly dressed for the temperature of the room.

2. Tuck pajama legs into socks to ensure that both stay put!

3. Ensure your child gets enough food throughout the day.

4.Follow a consistent bedtime routine.

5. Don’t skip naps.

6. Encourage attachment to a blanket or stuffed animal.

7. Don’t transition your child from two naps to one until they sleep through the night.

Hope this helps! Until then – I’ll keep trying!