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Works for Me Wednesday - Cleaning editionPerhaps one of the things that parents overlook at first are the chemicals that are used on a daily basis. We prepare for a new baby by carefully monitoring what we eat, do, and buy – yet we pay little attention to the industrial strength cleaning products that we are smearing all over our home and inhaling in our lungs. Taking a look at some of the products under your kitchen sink will most likely yield a plethora of labels that say “keep away from children.” Yet, so many parents continue to use the same cleaning products in and around their children on a daily basis.

Green Baby Green Mama has the solution! We offer Caldrea cleaning products that are specially formulated for baby using gentle cleansing agents and essential oils. Room Freshener, Hand Lotion, Laundry Detergent (safe for cloth diapers!), Linen Spray, Hand Soap, Surface Wipes, Stain Remover and Surface Cleanser are all in stock and available for purchase.

Caldrea surface wipes and stain removerThe subtle sweet pea fragrance has geranium and jasmine to reduce stress and soothe nerves, orange and rose to calm and refresh and coriander to add a tonic touch.

From the Caldrea website:
Caldrea’s products provide an effective alternative for people who are concerned with the environmental effects of conventional cleaning products. Our formulas combine long-trusted essential oils with leading-edge cleaning know-how to provide a pleasurable, safer experience for our customers.

* All of our liquid products are biodegradable.
* Some of our powder products contain minerals that do not biodegrade, but do break down into non-harmful decomposition products.
* Our products do not contain ammonia, chlorine, phosphates or petroleum distillates.
* Our packaging is recyclable.
* We do not test our products on animals. In order to make a true claim that a product is non-toxic — one that is recognized by the FDA — animal testing is required. Because we do not test on animals, we do not make the claim of non-toxic. We are investigating in-vitro (test tube) methodologies that, in the future, may be able to support our non-toxic formulation process. At present, we have a toxicologist review all of our formulations against a mathematical, theoretical model for safety assessment.
* You will not find antibacterial or antiseptic ingredients in our household cleansers.
* We make intelligent, responsible raw material choices, and whenever possible, obtain materials from renewable plant resources such as olive, coconut, corn or soy. At times we choose not to use a plant-derived material for reasons of efficacy, consistency and safety.
* We manufacture according to exacting personal care standards in a cosmetic-grade cGMP facility. cGMP is an abbreviation for the term “current Good Manufacturing Practice,” which refers to FDA regulations regarding the manufacturing, testing, and quality control of pharmaceutical and food products.

Switch your cleaning products to Caldrea today!