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the $18.99 coffee makerI know a woman who will only by the cheapest coffee maker at Wal-mart. Every year, the coffee maker undoubtedly breaks and she has to go buy a new one. She would rather spend $18.99 year after year than spend more money to buy one nice coffee maker that is made to last.

To breakdown her purchases, let’s assume that each coffee machine comes in a cardboard box, with styrofoam packing, and was made in China. Not only does she unwittingly create more trash in landfills with her broken coffee machines but also the packaging that it arrived in in the first place. Also, assuming each of these products had to travel the same amount of distance across the world to appear in her shopping cart, fossil fuels from our finite supply are being used for transportation.

What I am proposing is this – purchase quality items over quantity. It’s a simple principle that can be applied to many different things in our daily lives. So don’t buy your children (or yourself) expendable items – it just may end up costing you more in the long run.